Sales Playbook Template

60 Page Drag-and-Drop Sales Playbook Template Loaded with Infographics, Checklists and Tips to develop a Winning Sales Strategy

Want my 60-page Drag and Drop Sales Playbook Template that will guide you through creating a written strategy for scaling your sales? Sales Playbooks are proven to increase closed business by at least 60%.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 60 Page Sales Playbook Template delivered via email within 24 hrs.
  • Choose from Word, PDF, or Google Docs for easy editing
  • Step-by-Step Drag and Drop Template so you can quickly put your sales strategy into writing.

You'll also get these goodies inside:

  • Why People REALLY Buy Infographic: What the best salespeople know about buying psychology, emotional intelligence and physics that helps them win more deals (backed by science)
  • 13 sMarketing Strategies to Overflow Your Pipeline with Prospects Infographic: 13 different grassroots ways to get prospects into your pipeline and primed to buy.
  • My best tips on Cold Call and Cold Email Campaigns
  • How to become a Trade Show Titan: My best tips on how to identify profitable events and guarantee return.
  • Old School Sales Activity Tracking Sheet: Printable PDF to keep you honest while you prospect (so you can improve your outcomes)
  • Appointment Setting FlowChart: Go with the flow to set up qualified appointments that save you the pain of selling to people who can't buy.
  • Closing Step-By-Step: Learn the 8 Steps to Closing the Sale that takes your customers on a cruise to "Yes!"

Why you need a Sales Playbook:

  • Define your Sales Process: Whether a solopreneur or sales manager, the process of defining your sales process in writing ensures you've asked all the questions and taken all the necessary steps of a skilled selling professional to close a deal.
  • An Operation and Training Manual for your Sales Team: A Sales Playbook becomes a training manual for new salespeople and a continuous reference point for existing sales people on how to close the deal. I don't know about you, but I get tired of saying the same thing over and over! A Sales Playbook ensures every salesperson gets thorough training and you're spending your time coaching.
  • Continuity of Messaging: The first step in making sure your team is delivering a consistent message to the market and deploying and proven method for closing deals is defining it in a Sales Playbook.

Your Instructor

Jessica Magoch
Jessica Magoch

I'm Jessica Magoch, multiple award-winning Sales Trainer and Coach. I have a Bachelor's from NYU, built a $40M (ARR) B2B commission-only sales team for a New York startup, and have closed over $100M of personal sales to date.

I teach sales courses at The Wharton School of Business' Startup Accelerators, amongst others. I also teach entrepreneurs how to sell and build sales teams so they can scale from 7 to 9 figures without relying on outside investment.

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